Query tags on binded property values


We have created a search functionality for a customer. We allow searching on the tagname and on the tooltip property. We use following query for that and query the internal Ignition database:

WITH RECURSIVE sub_tree(id, folderid, name, relative_depth) AS (
				  SELECT substr(tc.ID, 0, 37) AS id, substr(tc.folderid, 0, 37) AS folderid, tc.name, 1 AS relative_depth
				  WHERE tc.ID = substr(?, 0, 37) 			
				  SELECT substr(tc2.id, 0, 37) as id, substr(tc2.folderid, 0, 37) AS folderid, tc2.name, st.relative_depth + 1
				  FROM TAGCONFIG tc2, sub_tree st
				  WHERE tc2.id = st.folderid
				SELECT name FROM sub_tree;

This works and allows us to search the tooltip. However, when we bind the property to a parameter, we get this as a result:

So we are not able to search on the actual value of the property. I’m wondering what the best approach is for this.

  • Are there more easy ways to search tag properties in a more clear way?
  • Should we maybe just have all tags in our own database, sync the database periodically and do searches from there?

I also heard IA is building a better tag browser experience. What can we exactly expect from this? Would this completely cover my challenges here? Is there any documentation on what’s coming?