queryAuditLog find limited number of most recent matches

As our system makes more use of the audit log for recording important events, we’re also finding use cases where we want to quickly fetch and display the most recent instances of certain events.

I’ve peeked at the DB side of the audit log and have even done some manual SELECT queries with ORDER BY EVENT_TIMESTAMP LIMIT 1 find the most recent time something happened.

I feel like the ability to do this via the queryAuditLog script function would be very handy, and might even become somewhat necessary as the logs get bigger and we’re unsure if the thing were looking for is recent or waaaaay back in time. Right now I can either walk the time range backward with multiple smaller queries until I find one, or I can query way too much time at once and sort/reduce the result in scripting, both of which are inefficient compared to letting the SQL handle it.

Is this something that could plausibly be added to queryAuditLog?