Querying a local MySQL database

I’m trying to query a local MySQL database using Excel. I was successful at installing MySQL driver and I have the right logon and password. However, the query comes back and says that I have no visible tables. I also tried the query against the IA demo database and got the same results. So do I have to do something special in MySQL to make the tables visible?


What driver are you using, how are you running the query and what version of Excel are you using? I have an example using the ODBC driver with ADO from VBA (don’t you love those acronyms :slight_smile: ) for Excel 2003 if that is any help.

I’m using Excel 2003 and the MySQL 5.1 ODBC driver from the Sun web site. The query is a basic Excel query using the MySql ODBC data source that I created. The ODBC data source tests ok and can see the various MySQL databases.

I assume you’re running MS Query (Data/Import External Data/New Database Query).

When I tried it with the 5.1 MySQL ODBC driver, I also got the “This data source contains no visible tables” error. However, I did manage to get it working with the version 3.51 MySQL ODBC driver. You can still download this driver at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/3.51.html. Hopefully this will get things working for you.