Querying the internal ignition database

I am trying to create a startup configuration. The easiest way I can find to do this would be to query the internal database (much like the gateway -> console -> advanced query to Modbustcpdrivers) I would like to do this in ignition to keep the user out of the gateway configuration.

Is it possible to query the internal database? If so - how do you reference it?

It is not possible to query the Ignition Internal Database. The best way to keep users out of the Gateway Configuration is to not assign a role to the user that would give them access.

Greg, I think he means that there are gateway settings (devices etc.) he would like to change or access programmatically without requiring a user to log into the gateway to do so manually.

he should look at the ialabs scripting module

A read only connection on internal db would be great for making quick debug screen.
Of course to handle with care !