queryTagHistory issue with data entered via storeTagHistory

When running queryTagHistory I’m seeing a difference in behaviour between data that is stored by the tag historian vs. the same tag data that I’ve stored using the tag.storeTagHistory function. The data that has been stored with the storeTagHistory function will only return when I’ve set the returnSize parameter to 0 or “natural”, it will not return data when I leave that default and set aggregationMode to ‘Average’. However the same data will return averaged for periods where that data was polled and stored by the tag historian.

I have built a tag history backfill that takes in csv files and lines up data columns with tag historian tags for data that exists from before we had our tag historian setup and polling the data. This is working well, and I can query the raw data, but I want to be able to run averaging and other modes on it as well. So far without success. Can someone shed some light on this? I assume it has something to do with the data not being stored by the tag historian module naturally, but I’ve played with all the parameters and can’t make it work unless I just specificy ‘natural’ returnSize.

Oh and by the way, the storeTagHistory is working way better in 7.9.7, so if anyone used that in previous versions and had issues with it as I did, it’s now working beautifully to store large quantities of data without hiccups. (other than you can’t run average queries on it!! :wink: )