Question about background for view in Perspective Ignition


I am trying new techniques to make my interface more impressive. I started to use images as background for my View Ignition. I got SVG graphics from an external computer graphic designer and they look great.

I made them available in the image management folder. And I added as background this image. Basically, I planned to use several graphics. Here, however, my problem is that they load for a long time in my interface. So I have questions:

Is it possible to optimize this somehow?
How to make it load faster?
Can these SVG backgrounds be forced to download once and kept in memory so that they don't download every time?
Are there any rules I should keep in mind if I want to use an image as background of my view/page?



How exactly are you currently loading them into the background? And, how important is it that these backgrounds are at the appropriate scale/aspect ratio/etc?

also "background", do you mean its a component in the back or are you using css background-img ?
the css would be better, using cache and stuff, but it will loose all interactivity
(unless you go through some crazy hoops, which again will worsen performance by a bit)

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I use this as the style for root:


Generally this is used on PC screens 1920x1080 however we have a monitoring center where there is a "video wall" therefore the background was prepared in SVG. I noticed that changing to png and pogoing the quality/size allows the background to load faster. However, the best effect is achieved through SVG.


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Loading the background image in a style means that the browser is doing the work. Depending on the configuration of the browser, it is likely caching the image file on the local drive.
If the image is a PNG and does not need to be resized then there isn't much processing to do and displaying a cached PNG is likely to be fast.
If the image is a PNG and needs to be resized then there is processing to do. It will take longer (and look worse).
If the image is a SVG then there is always processing to do. In addition, the file is probably smaller and the benefits of caching aren't as great. On the plus side, it will look great regardless of the display size.

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If this is a scada system and it's taking so long to load, then it sounds like a complex SVG. Complex graphics and SCADA are a no-no in all standards that exist. Grey/neutral background is recommended