Question About Data Base App with Ignition


I have a question. I need to develop a database system and all that it has (querying, reporting, multi-user and web-based).

I just want to know if I could develop a complex database system using Ignition instead of others technologies like Java, Python, PHP or .NET. Or what I need to consider if I what to do that, some kind of benchmarking test.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thank you very much.

Hi there,

Database driven applications is one the primary type of applications that Ignition is used to create. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

I suggest you do the SQL in Ignition course on Inductive University and all the rest of the courses:


@nmudge, thank you very much!! I like Ignition but I just need know a little bit more about the performance in multi-user environments…

Performance is fine in multi-user environments. Of course it depends on the circumstances, are you talking about 10 concurrent users or 1000? You can create an application that runs fast or slow, so it depends on how you make it.

Generally Ignition works well in multi-user environments. It is designed for unlimited clients.


Thank you. Between 1 and 500 users will work with the application.
I understand that we can work without problems.

Thank you very much.

Well, We need to develop an ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) for administrate data bases with humans resources data, production and something like that. I didn’t know what was the correct name for it, but I know now.