Question about docked window and scaling

I’m under the impression my docked windows should look like this
layout 2

What happens in the client is the West docked window goes the farthest west of the hardware monitor

the north docked window spreads past the dimension of the main root window

Is there a way to fix the docked and get it to look like image above?

For reference here is what is happening.

layout 1

Could you expand the main root window’s width, or do you want to keep its width as is, have the docked view move right, and have blank space to either side?

Hey Bill so I have the main Window at 1440 x 900
I just want the norht docked window to rest above and the west docked window to sit next to it similar to the first image

The issue might be hardware based in that I have a larger wider monitor but shouldn’t the docked window sit right next to the main?

Are you using anchoring on your components in the north and west docks? The components in docks shouldn’t use relative layout, especially for varying sized resolutions.
Otherwise, can you take a screenshot of the actual client? You can obfuscate the content if you need, but it would be more useful to see the client itself

This is the settings i’m using. Just a normal docked window with the dock window north

also on the west docked window its dock position is west

Thanks for taking a look I appreciate it.

Is their a particalur reason you use a fixed size on the main view?
How is the main view centered?

When I said anchoring, I meant the layout option for the components on your docked Window. There are two layout options: relative and anchored. Relative layout will scale your components based on the size of the Window at runtime. Anchored layout will ‘anchor’ your component bounds (North, south, east, and/or west) to the configured anchor points. For example, a table on a page might be located against the north, east, and south bounds of the Window with a 5px gap between the edge of the Window which should be maintained at all client resolutions. To do this, you would anchor the table’s north, south, and east bounds (and possibly also the west bound, depending). So that these edges will maintain their distance to the Window borders regardless of resolution.

On your main window, make sure Start Maximized is enabled. Based on your description, it looks like the main window more or less acting like a popup, and not filling the available space within the client.

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the main window workspace was 1440x900 was just trying maintain an aspect ratio and resolution. The fixed sizes for the docked windows was just to get it to match up next to the main window.

Thanks so the components on my docked window are relative. I will experiment with this thanks for your help.

Thanks. I do start maximized. What happens is it loos like the main window shrinks under the alarm banner.

this is what happens when just the alarm banner even with the same width for the window

by itself the main window expands to fill the vertical

From experimenting it seems its might be the window size I do have a wider monitor when I take the client and square the window and shrink the window things start to lign up better. I’m looking at a new monitor will have one soon to continue to experiment.


If its configured correctly, your program should fit to your screen. You shoudlnt have to fit your screen to the program.

Again, can you share an actual screenshot of what your client actually looks like, with anything sensitive obfuscated. It would be good to see the main window in the designer as well.

FWIW, these are the settings of one of my main windows and navigation dock:
Main Window


I don’t think you shouldn’t be fixing the min and max sizes. I’ve never fixed mine in the past. The only thing I might consider is the min size, but I would set this lower than the size it was designed at.

Thanks nminchin,

I would send obfuscated pictures. I just don’t have any software to do it past the normal word suite. I’ll look into it more and see I can’t figure something out. By the end of the week I will have a new non wide screen monitor connected. I’m hoping that does something. I’ll re-update everyone here in case anyone is interested.

I took away the minimum setting and put it zero like your screenshot. IT didn’t seem to change anything. I am really curious with the new monitor.

Thanks again.

Thanks, I am curious if my wide screen monitor is affecting the windows. I will be trying a non wide screen monitor soon. I’ll update if it affected anything or not.

I use Greenshot to take snapshots. It’s own editor has the ability to obfuscate:

I think @nminchin was on to something earlier (and still is, with requesting a screenshot).

@dzohner in your diagrams, do those abstract rectangles represent windows or components?

If those rectangles represent components, then you're going to want to use an anchored layout, especially so with components in the main window. Maybe just start with anchoring to the north and west edge, and see how things play out?

So the rectangles are windows a north docked window, a west docked window and the larger one is a main window. Thanks. I will see if I can’t obfuscate something, currently i’m unable which is why i used the basic shapes. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for letting me know about this. I will check with my company and if approved I’ll get a screenshot. Thanks.