Question about Equipment State Class within Equipment List

Hello, I have Ignition 8.1 with Sepasoft module (OEE Downtime v2 and Production). We have the equipment downtime codes in this Equipment List with every version since 7.7. But even with the latest 8.1, I still seem to have a problem with updating or making changes to this class. I can do one change without causing any issue, but if I do more, it will cause the entire system to reset, so the clients all shut down looking for the Ignition server, than it will come back. I must be doing this incorrect. What is the right way to update the Equipment State Class without crashing the system?

Its not a usual thing for me to be updating codes, but when I do, usually its adding to them, or add an entire machine when it gets to be a bad situation. I start getting emails from clients telling me they are experiencing issues.

@darren.sisco this sounds like support should take a look at the system. Can you open a ticket: Need Help? Create a Ticket, Email, Call, or Visit us Online | Sepasoft MES Solutions