Question about going through firewall

As mentioned in Wednesday’s webinar by Dave at the brewery, we too separate our business network from our production network through a firewall. I’m really excited about the possibilities afforded by Ignition, but I’d like if someone could elaborate a bit more on how one would configure it to go through a firewall before I make any decisions.

Like Dave, I too am using Access for supervisors/manager to keep an eye on the production floor. This means I’m maintaining two systems; RsView for our operators, and Access for supervisors. The way I’m pulling the data into Access is, the firewall is set up to allow traffic on port 443. I set up the ODBC connections to go to the IP address of the firewall, and Windows sees the production SQL server.

I’d love to be able to maintain one system, all launched from the server. But it won’t work if I can’t get through that firewall.

Ignition uses standard TCP. Just allow port 8088 through the firewall, and 8043 if you force SSL encryption. These are the default ports, but you can change them if you need to.