Question about groups

a while back I was in contact with Colby there at IA. We were having an error was occuring in a block group. While investigating this it was found that if you had an OPC item configured but it was disabled it would cause an error to occur in the block group and subsequently the group would not run and complete. I do not recall the exact reason for this but was wondering if this was still the case.

If you have an item configured in FSQL in a block group and you have the item set DB TO OPC it did not bother to check the quality of the opc item it just tried to write, but if you changed it to BI-DIRECTIONAL DB WINS then it would check the quality and if the quality was bad it would not attempt to write, hence it would not error out on the BI DIRECTIONAL but it would error on the DB TO OPC and when so when these errors occured it would cause the group not to complete and function properly.

Hope this is clear and Colby or anyone else knows what I am talking about. I am curious if this is still the case because I am trying to get FSQL to link to a view. If I turn off anything that writes to the DB and set it up DB TO OPC it seems to link to the view just fine but the items that are disabled error out but I can not tell if the group still functions correctly yet.

Thanks and have a great day.