Question about Icon visibility in a Change Script

I am working on a project to show the status of assembly lines, whether they're scheduled or not. I have the tag set up properly and the text is showing "true" when it's scheduled and "false" when it isn't. I am trying to set up an icon to appear depending on the status. (toggle_on for scheduled, toggle_off for unscheduled). Here is the change script that I've written:


I can't get the visibility on the icons to work correctly, so I know I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions?

Why would you do it this way, instead of binding the tag directly to the visibility prop?

Is the tag a Boolean tag?


I'm new to Ignition, this project is me teaching myself how to do it. I have some help here in my office, but we're the only ones.

I didn't even know I could bind it directly to that prop! I'll try that and see if it works.

Irose, thank you so much! I just got it to work.

You really should look at the free Inductive University training. It will help you pick up the basic techniques in the platform much better than just stumbling through your own experiments.