Question about my company's Gateway setup

So quick little run down of the question. At my company we make axles. We have 8 axle stands in total, 5 truck axle stands and 3 van axle stands. Our truck axle stands use Ignition. The thing is that each axle stand is on its own gateway, I don’t understand why. I am the only controls engineer for the whole factory and my predecessor left before I started work so I haven’t figured out quite why it is designed this way. All of the truck axle stands are even on one PLC. Can anyone think of why my predecessor would have put each stand on its own gateway?

Do you know if they are they full Ignition Gateways or maybe just Edge Panel editions instead?

They are full gateways I believe

I don’t know then… maybe he wanted to spend a bunch of money? :laughing:

If you call in and get hooked up with whoever the sales person for your company is they may have some kind of history on the quote or something…

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Ok see that’s what I thought, I’m still new to Ignition (7 months) but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was ever done, I am gonna get a chance to ask him this week so I’ll report back. Thank you very much!