Question about Tag

Guys, I am trying to send out an email about our daily case count, for example, I would like to send out the numbers if cases made on an specific shift. I am currently doing it by “binding” the ACC timer if my plc to the “message field” of the email portion of the tag alarming section. However, I still have a problem doing it this way because I am only able to put in the field a single number and I would like to put two or more tags in it.
This is what I need to do, I need to send an email with the numbers of cases made in both lines right at 0700 and at 1900.
like this:
Line #1: 2000 cases
Line #2: 2000 cases.
Both information in the same email. What should I do?

Use (see documentation) and Gateway Event Scripts.

This code ask the user for an attachment file but I want ti remove the human element out of the email and this code has to be activate it by a sender. Right?

Only the third example asks for human interaction. You can change that by replacing the first line in that example with filePath = "<string with a path to your file>" (substituting the correct path…)

If you don’t want a fixed file, you can create the body of the email in your script, as shown in the first example.