Question about the alert summary table

is there any way to use the documentation of the tag instead of the path as one of the columns in the alert summary? I dont see this option underneath the table properties. seems like this would be really helpful if it isnt available.

Have you found the “Notes area location” property? It defaults to “Hidden”, but if you change it then there will be a multi-line area that displays the notes for the selected alarm.

no, I hadnt seen that, but I am not sure how well that would work. The problem is that we dont get too fancy on the tag names, since we use a similar syntax on every location. Thats why we would go into a little more detail in the notes section. Our tagname might be “loc1981ftp1” and in the notes section we would have loc 1981 flow tubing pressure all other HMI software’s that I have dealt with allow you to use alarm comments. Is this a feature that could be added? It just seems kind of cumbersome to have to click on a alarm and then find the box that actually has the alarm information.

That is what the display path is used for when configuring an alert. Take a look at it when editing the tags alarm.

This could be added, I just want to make sure it is necessary.

Why don’t you simply put your human-friendly name in the “display path” - that is precisely what it was designed for. The “notes” area is meant to have multi-line information which doesn’t fit in a table row all that well.

thanks. that worked perfectly.