Question about the license for upgrading modules

I have read the Support Policy and there is one thing that is unclear to me.

In this example, there is an Ignition License price and then the Support Plan is a percentage of that License price. Does this mean that based on your license price you pay a percentage of that for the support? For example, I have the Ignition platform with an unlimited vision module, which costs a total of $8,780 and I want the BasicCare. Then the BasisCare costs me yearly 16% of $8,780?

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Yes, basic care is 16% of the cost of the licence, per year, so $1404 for Vision, plus the platform and whatever else you have per year

Of the total module cost, if you only have platform + vision, then yes.

If you have platform, vision, reporting, SQL bridge, then it is 16% of that total cost.

If you add the modules on the website, at the second stage you choose support and it will show you the relative figures for that.

Also, you say "I have", reading from the tense of that, if you already have it, but have no support, and wish to upgrade to 8.3.1 (when it comes out), then you must pay the 65% of your license cost to bolt-on support at that stage, and then on an annual basis maintain the 16% as an OPEX.

Okay, thanks for the clarifying.
One more question though. If you have for example the vision module with 5 clients as an option and you want to upgrade to unlimited. what are the costs then? Do you have to pay the full price of unlimited or is it the price of unlimited minus the price you already paid for the 5 clients?

This, the delta.

Alright, thanks for the information!!!

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Also note this, if you already have 8.1.x, you can upgrade to ANY 8.1 version, free of charge. 8.3 is due to bring a lot of new features in though, so something to consider.

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