Question about the OPC UA server in Ignition


I have determined that Ignition:

  1. Ignition does not have the ability to act as DNP3 server
  2. Ignition and IEC104 driver not supported
  3. Ignition is not able to act as Modbus Server

Possibilities are only in OPC UA Ignition server but here my questions:

  1. is reading from the built-in OPC server possible for external OPC drivers?
  2. can I map variables read in KEPware OPC to Ignition OPC and read them with external OPC client from Ignition OPC UA source? If so how to do it correctly?

Best regards
Michał G.

Your Assertions:

  1. Correct.

  2. Correct, though the related 61850 protocol is supported.

  3. Not natively, but available with a third party module (mine).

Your Questions:

  1. Yes. Ignition only listens to localhost by default, but that is configurable.

  2. Yes, via Ignition's "exposed tags" feature, which makes all of a gateway's tags available as OPC items to external clients. So, you would connect to Kepware from Ignition as usual, make Ignition OPC tags pointing at the Kepware connection, and those tags will be accessible from other OPC clients pointing at Ignition. (Along with all of your other tags. Security for this arrangement is poor.)

My Recommendation:

If you must selectively expose information in your Ignition gateway to external clients, I recommend using that external client's Modbus functionality pointed at my Modbus module's server mode. Configure tag change events that will propagate changes elsewhere in Ignition to addresses in the Modbus server emulation. Use input register and discrete input addresses for information that you wish to be read-only for the external client. Use holding register and coil addresses for information that you wish the external client to have write permissions (though you will have to monitor for written changes to propagate).

I checked the option of exposing tag providers, but it is still not in my external OPC UA Client. Whats cause?

I don't know. I don't ever use that feature. But did you restart your gateway after changing it?

I didn't, I'll try, thanks!