Question about white space at bottom of Power Table/Table

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions how to create a Power Table and not have eh extra white space below the end of rows. If I don’t’ have it on my client window it will bring up a scroll bar if I extend the table in the designer where there is a big white space I don’t have the scroll bar the problem is finding the right spot and different monitors does anyone have suggestions.

Perhaps you could share a bit about what you are trying to do? Tables are designed to display an unknown number of rows, so a (possible) scroll bar is an inherent part of them.

The box on the left in this screenshot is made by combing text fields, and numeric text fields. I get a clean look and border. We are abandoning this due to scaling issues. With the power table I’d like to achieve the same look or even with the regular table component. Would you have any ideas?

You could make a grouped layout of header label(s) + template repeater, with a template for each row. Or even put that into a template if you need to re-use it.

So found some other posts on making the power table transparent. This seems to work I’m now made the configureCell to each have a line border but it takes away the ability to adjust the space between cells in the vision property editor. This will work if I can set the cell spacing to 0. Would you have any suggestions how to do this in configureCell vs vision property editor?

When I set this to zero it just resets when I leave the editor