[question/bug?] [perspective] duplicating components

When I duplicate a label some of the position properties do not carry over, specifically the shrink key.
Is this expected or a bug?
The root container is a flex.

When Copying components, the POSITION properties are NOT copied. If we were to copy the POSITION properties, you would immediately encounter errors when copying form one container type into a different container type. Properties which look like they are copying could potentially be default values which were never changed. If you see modified values in the POSITION category which ARE being copied, please provide an example.

Discarding position properties when copying to different container types makes sense. What about the same container type? Could perspective determine this and bring the position properties over?

Here’s what I’ve done and thought it was odd/misleading to use duplicate and not get duplicated position properties because the basis key copies over just not the shrink key.

-create a flex view
-add a label
-change shrink key to 0
-select label component
-shrink key is back to 1

The POSITION.basis property is the default value. If you change it and then copy the component, you’ll see that the duplicate has the default value for POSITION.basis instead of the modified value.

Also, if we copy POSITION properties, then when you Paste the component you won’t see anything new in the panel because it would be 100% covering your original component. You WOULD see the duplicate in the Project Browser.

Maybe I’m missing something here but you’re saying if I change the position.basis to 123px and copy/paste it reverts back to the default label.properties.basis (20px)?

That doesn’t seem to be the case in today’s build. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

After more testing the only thing that doesn’t copy is the shrink key.
If you test you will notice; basis copies over, grow copies over but shrink does NOT copy over.

It looks like we did update the copy functionality to now retain properties when pasted into the same container type, but my testing revealed that grow, shrink, AND basis were all correctly copied and applied to the duplicate while copying/pasting a Label component with today’s build (7:03am, which might not match the nightly, but which should not have anything that would cause different behavior).