[Question] Can The Carousel Component Cycle Through Views Endlessly?

Unexpected Behaviour:
When setting the Carousel component to scroll Auto, the component only scrolls through the array and gets stuck at the final point.

Expected Behaviour:
Ability to auto loop to the first value in the array after time has elapsed on the final point.

I am unsure if this has just not been added yet, or will it need to b a manually scripted?

The Carousel no longer has an “infinite loop” mode. At one point it did, but the Carousel exhibited undesirable behavior while displaying Views due to how the Carousel stages upcoming slides.

At some point we hope to re-implement the Carousel, but until then there will be no “infinite” mode.


Did this by chance happen to crash the gateway? I tried to dodgy this up by setting the current view back to 0 and my gateway crashed :slight_smile: oops

You can make this happen by making a blank last slot and have an on change script on the active panel prop which see’s the current pane and writes it to the first panel

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I think the issue though is that changing Views increases the memory usage without releasing it, so eventually it will crash the browser. That’s what I’m seeing on my page that has a changing View every 2s. The browsercore64.exe memory for the page open in the Designer started at ~140MB usage, now after 5-10mins it’s gradually increased to 527MB. Before I looked into it, I noticed with the page on my memory usage was at 100% and then the browsercore64.exe process crashed for that page. I noticed a similar thing on my phone when I had it running for a while on the page, it just seemed to freeze and then perspective would reload.

It’s now at 700MB and still climbing.

Can you elaborate as to how you managed this? Where did you place the script? Was it bound to a blank view name or to the carousel?

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I placed the script on the activePane Prop and had the auto play function enabled.
The blank view is literally just that, a default array element with nothing in it.

if previousValue.value == {LastUsedViewNumber} and currentValue.value == {BlankViewNumber}:
		self.props.activePane = 0
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Just be aware that your session WILL crash once it chews through all your RAM

The session doesn’t crash as it isn’t loading any more content into the component it is only a manual change to a property that is done through scripting?

I would be interested to know why or what you are doing with the component to make these crashes occur?

Maybe the issue has been fixed now, but certainly in the initial 8.0 release, any time you loaded a new page it wouldn’t cache it or release its use in memory, regardless if the same page was loaded again and again; they would just keep increasing the memory usage. It happened with any component that loaded a page, which wasn’t noticeable with normal components that just changed pages normally, but for an infinite carousel, it eventually would crash the browser session.

I believe that’s what @cmallonee was talking about when he referred to ‘undesirable behaviour’, although i’m just speculating from the experience I had.