[QUESTION] Client Launcher - Ignition Version Upgrades

How does Ignition 8 handle Ignition upgrades with the client launchers?

Say, we have 50 PCs that run the Ignition Client. In the past with Ignition 7.9, if we upgraded the server from 7.9.1 to 7.9.2, we wouldn’t have to do anything to these PCs. They would automatically run 7.9.2. In Ignition 8, we have to install a client launcher on every PC. With each Ignition version upgrade (for example 8.0.4 to 8.0.5), will it be necessary to upgrade the client launchers? Is there a push mechanism? Is it necessary to manually go out to each of the 50 PCs and upgrade each one?

Thank you.

The client launchers are versioned independently from the gateway - barring a few minor bug fixes early in the lifecycle, the client launchers you download and install from an 8.0.0 gateway are identical to ones you would download from an 8.0.6 gateway - and both can launch projects from any version of 8.0. Once you have the client launchers installed, you don’t need to update them every version (you also didn’t need to in 7.X, broadly speaking).

With that said, ‘managed’ installs of the client launcher executables (mostly for initial install, but also to ease with upgrading) are something we’re exploring - most likely, just distributing the launchers in a format that works well with existing tooling, especially on Windows, to automatically deploy software to client machines.