[Question] Downloading the SDK?

Hello everyone.
I’m diving into developing custom modules and Vision Components. The Programmer’s Guide says to download the SDK. The thing is, I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ve downloaded the Ignition examples and successfully packaged an example module, installed it in the gateway (Developer Mode) and put “hello world” component in my project. The SDK manual ([Environment Setup]Environment Setup - Ignition SDK Programmer's Guide - Ignition Documentation) says

Using your IDE of choice, you should be able to create or open any of these included Example Modules through the parent pom.xml file located in the root of each example. Upon importing this project into your IDE, it should download (if auto-import is on) Maven dependencies from the Inductive Automation artifact repository. Dependencies are managed through Maven and are cached to your local environment after they are downloaded.

Is it correct to say the the Ignition SDK (jar files) are automatically downloaded in this step and located in my local Maven repository?

Thank you.

Yes, that’s about it. There’s nothing you need to explicitly download.

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