Question: Format for CSV Tag Import

Hi guys,

Thanks for not removing the CSV import feature; it’s pretty important since most other SCADA systems do CSV imports and exports, and so importing tags from other systems is a really common task.

I wasn’t able to find a reference to the required CSV format for imports in the Ignition 8 manual. Where do you guys host that information? Is the CSV format still the same as it was from 7.9, so I can just keep an old export on hand to use when transferring tags to all future ignition releases?


So the CSV import format from Tags is the exact same as 7.9. We don’t have a page in the manual that lists out the columns and their options, but it does have headers so it should be fairly straight-forward if you have access to an export.

The closest page we have is more centered on importing and exporting datasets as csv.

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