Question - Gateway Backup to Dropbox

I was wondering if there is a convenient way to set automatic gateway backups to a dropbox folder? I don’t know what to put in the “Backup Folder” input. I have tried copying the dropbox link and using a file path.

To test it I have the Backup schedule set to * * * * * trying to get it to generate a backup every minute to see if my input is working.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

I thought you could tell drop box what folders you want to sync from your computer, so providing you have drop box installed on the machine you can back up to any folder that you have included in your drop box sync ?

I’m not working off the server itself but on a different device. Would that make a difference? Pretty new to this

It would. The folder path you specify must be on the same machine the Ignition Gateway is running on.

Ah gotcha, thanks. I’ll have to remote in when I get the chance and set it up that way.

You can configure it from anywhere you can access the gateway… it just has to be a valid path on the gateway machine.

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Okay good to know. Not sure the gateway machine has dropbox yet so will have to get it synced there

How to people normally do this ? Storing a backup of the gateway on the same machine the gateway is on kind of defeats the point, I store the backup to a different HD on the machine but the same machine none the less.

Is a cloud sync option something that can be suggested ? Or is just using drop box (or other cloud software) on the machine and sync that folder the best way to go about it.

I think most people store it to a network share.

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Usually, the service account Ignition runs under doesn’t have any extra permissions. I autobackup to a separate local folder the service has access to, then use rclone to mirror it to my Google Drive. This way I have at least two paths to a backup location.

This is how we do it.