[Question] How to wrap text in Vision Table rows?

The attached image is a dataset in a vision table component. There are several hundred characters in the 2nd row of the notes column. Is there a way to configure a column to wrap the text so all of it is visible?

Thanking you nice people in advance :slight_smile:

BTW…if it isn’t possible I’m thinking of added an event script that detects the selected row and opening a popup window with a text area component to display all the information.


Is it a table, or a power table?
If the latter, there’s a ‘Wrap Text’ option you can check in the table customizer:

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Its an ordinary Table (can’t wrap text) so I changed it to a Power Table. Thank you! Funny thing, in Designer if you double-click the table the customizer pops up…but not with you Power Table…you have to right click it then select the customizer (I’ll remember that with other components when I can’t find something :slight_smile: