[Question] Ignition Edge - Perspective

Is Version 8 going to support an Ignition Edge using perspective rather than vision as its user interface?

so that local redundancy using perspective can be used?

Perspective’s integration into Ignition Edge is scheduled for the Ignition 8.1 timeframe.

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@Carl.Gould is Perspective support for Edge Panel still targeted for an 8.1 release?

To my knowledge we are still targeting that time-frame, though of course there are no guarantees that we will succeed.

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Hi Ignition Team,

Do you have any updates on the Perspective support on Edge? I am looking forward to be able to simple have the edge providing webclients for smartphone access. Right now with Vision limits the user to have a laptop to VNC into the edge HW. Am I correct? Or is there a workaround for this?


It looks like it is actually sneaking its way into 8.0.10 if you take a look at the release candidate. It has a 2 session limit, and some functionality doesnt work perfectly yet (I suppose they are ironing out things still as it is a release candidate) but it is there and you can test it out.