[QUESTION] Ignition WebService Solution

Hello everyone,
We use Ignition as part of an industrial project.
We currently need to create web services quickly and I was wondering if Ignition would be the solution.
In a test period I would like to know if it’s possible to create a simple web service able to interact with a
SQL database.
The idea being that I give him a line production number and Ignition answer me if the line exists or not and if yes return me the description
of this one.
Is Ignition the solution? what are the prerequisites (knowledge in programming, python ect)?

Thanks for reading me,

Hi Eric,

Ignition has a separate module made for web development (has to be bought separately): https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC79/WebDev+Module

With this module, you can create a web server, listen to GET, POST and PUT requests, and add custom code to those requests (calling DB updates, writing to PLC tags, …).

If you’re used to working with Python and Databases in Ignition, it won’t be hard to create a web service with the webdev module.

Hello and thank you for this quick response,
I read the documentation.
I just discovered the perspective session launcher with version 8.0, would not it be more adapted to my problem?


Perspective doesn’t offer any customizable web services. It uses web services to implement its dynamic functionality, but they are tailored to supply changes to the React front end. The Web Developer modules is the correct answer if you need customizable web services.