[Question] Image management in perspective doesn't update changes in existing images

I’ve been working with the Ignition Designer (Ignition version 8.1.12) for a year now. In regards with the Image Management tool, I’ve noticed that once I upload an image, if I change anything in it (externally, say with inkscape) and I upload it again to be used in your perspective project (with the same filename), it still shows the former image rather than the new one with the modification.

I’ve tried:

  • Deleting the image from the perspective view and from the Image Management tool, just to make sure I am starting with a clean slate.
  • Uploading the newly changed image (with the modifications I did in Inkscape)
  • Creating a new image in my perspective view and linking it to the one in the Image Management tool.

It still loads the old image.

For each change that I make to the original image, I save it and uploaded with a different filename.
and so forth

Please advise

Thanks in advance

Have you tried clearing the cache?

How do I do that?
And do I have to do it every time I have to make changes to the images (in Inkscape) and upload them with the same name?

Great thanks for your response.