[Question] Issues with Indirects in Perspective

I am trying to set up an indirect tag reference in Perspective which uses two custom properties that I have defined in the root directory of the view I am working in. I am able to browse to the two custom properties and add them in to the tag path, but I keep getting “Error_InvalidPathSyntax” in the binding preview.

The tag path I am using looks like this: {OPC_ChannelName}/{OPC_DeviceName}/LastStopVariable

The tag path works when I use it as a direct tag like:FWD_G_Omron/Machine01/LastStopVariable

I have the custom property values set to: OPC_ChannelName = FWD_G_Omron; OPC_DeviceName = Machine01

Right now, I am on the nightly build from yesterday. Is there something I am missing, or could this be a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Brandon,

I moved this to the 8.0 Beta forum so it will get properly addressed. If you don’t have access, head to http://www.inductiveautomation.com/downloads and sign up for beta access and you’ll be granted access to the forum as well (may require a logout/login to update the forum).

It might help us to have some more specifics about your environment as I was able to implement an indirect tag binding without issue with a simulation device. Are you using a trial or the provided license? Is your Omron device status showing as connected?

For my View, parent.custom.FIRST resolves to a custom property on the root container.

I noticed that your example has a semi-colon as part of OPC_ChannelName = FWD_G_Omron;. Is that semi-colon part of the text value, or was it included as a delimiter for the values you provided? If the former, please try removing it and see if that changes your result.

I’m closing this due to inactivity. If you are still having issues, please feel free to open a new post.