[Question] Keep two versions (7.9 + 8.0) on the same server

Is it possible to keep two versions (7.9 + 8.0) on the same server?

Ultimately we’ll be using 8.0 but since we had some issues importing the project and the previous one was stable, we would like to keep the 7.9 turned off but ready, just in case.

Also, if this is possible, can we use the same license on both since just one of them will be running?

If they’re not running concurrently, then yes, you could - if you’re on Windows, you’ll face some complications with the installed service’s name - because services have to be uniquely named, you would either have to run install-ignition.bat every time you wanted to switch major versions, or go into the configuration file and manually change the service name.

The easier solution really is to just have a separate “host” machine (virtual or physical).