[Question] Launch perspective in web browser

I have already make a proto project in perspective. I would like to launch it on another computer in my network. How can i do it?
There is a windows app?

You just have visit that URL on the other computer.

Then, if you want, you can create a desktop icon from it like this:

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There are several ways to visit your Perspective Project, and a couple more ways are in-progress.

  1. On the Page Configuration Panel (Click the gear icon in the bottom-left of the Main Design Panel), right click any of the listed URLs and select “Launch URL”. This will take you straight to the corresponding Page/View. (opens in default browser for your workstation)

  2. The prefix to any Pages you’ve configured is
    http://<ip>:<port/data/perspective/client/<project_name>/<page_configuration_url> or https if your Gateway has SSL enabled.

  3. You can Select “Tools” From the Menu Bar of the Designer, then select “Launch Perspective” and “Launch Session”. (opens in default browser for your workstation)

I believe we plan on having a link to each Perspective project present in the Gateway, but I don’t know where we plan to place those links.

Thanks for your response.

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I have 2 questions

  1. can I open a Perspective project from any computer even if is not in the same network ?

  2. I’m trying to open a Perspective project in another computer but it won’t let me, I had try multiple computers in and out my network,
    I’m able to launch the project in the computer that I create the program but not able to do it in any other one, any advise ?

There are firewall concerns, but in general, yes.

This is most likely caused by the ports on your Gateway not being opened up for external access. Depending on the OS your Gateway was deployed on the steps would be different, but it sounds like you need to set new rules for port 8088 and possibly 8043 to allow network traffic to connect unabated (research how to set rules for ports for your OS). You would not need to configure this when using the same machine as the Gateway because the traffic is internal and so not required to go through the same security.

Can you tell me how to do that?

The steps are different depending on your Operating System and version. You'll want to research how your O.S. manages ports and networking in general. Ignition requires 8088 by default for HTTP traffic and 8043 for HTTPS.