Question - Memory Boolean array Tag

I have defined a bool array in the provider I have the following questions.

If I have a huge array, do I need to click this tool to create an array of the needed size? Or is there another way? What if I need to have an array [500]?

Another question is why when I do a double click on a variable its size changes to [1] and what if I make a mistake in the script and write it to the zBooleanArray value and the array shrinks to one. I have to define it again.

Is this normal, why is this happening? Is there a way to define large arrays more conveniently?

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The array sizes aren't static, so you can just create one of any length and then write a new value of the desired size to it like this:

system.tag.writeBlocking(["[default]BoolArray"], [[True]*500])
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