[Question] Menu Tree perspective - Ingition 8 beta

I have made a menu tree in the perspective. It’s so nice.
Now i would like to set the links to the other windows. Where i should configure this setting? How i thell ingnition to go to other “view” X

/Main pag to /pag x?

Switch between views in ignition perspective using menu tree?

Assuming I have an existing View named MyFirstPage, and it is located at Perspective/Views/Experiments/MyFirstPage, and my menu tree is located in a View named MyMenuTree, which is located at Perspective/Views/MyMenuTree, and also assuming I have configured a url for the MyMenuTree View which is nothing more than ‘/’…

Step 1) Click the Gear icon located in the bottom left of the Main Design Panel. To the left-hand side of the resulting Page Configuration Panel, you’ll see a list of existing project URLs. Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new URL for an existing View. In the center of the panel you should now see a Page URL input field and a Primary View input field. Supply a case-sensitive URL which you would like to direct to the target View in the Page URL input field, like ‘/myfirstpage’ (note that the URL you provide does not need to match the name of your View). In the Primary View input field, click the dropdown arrow and drill down through your project tree until you locate the Perspective/Views/Experimentation/MyFirstPage View and select it. in the left-hand panel, Right-click the value in the Page URL input field (/myfirstpage), and copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2) Open up your MyMenuTree View, and select your MenuTree component. Expand the props.items array index which you would like to direct to your MyFirstPage View. locate the “target” property, and paste the copied URL. Save your project.

Step 3) Click the gear icon again, and right-click the ‘/’ URL in the left-hand panel of the Page Configuration Panel. Select launch URL. You should now see your Menu Tree. Click the relevant Menu Tree option, and it should now take you to MyFirstPage view, and your URL should now be /data/perspective/client/projectName/myfirstpage.

I have copied the view direction. And the system adds.
–path: and the direction un green color.
But i click on it and do not change the page.

Thanks so much for your responses

I believe there was a misunderstanding, so I’ll update my previous post in a moment. You should copy the text from the Page URL input field, and you should paste that value into the target property’s value - do NOT paste it into the target property key.

Copy this value:

And you should paste it into your Menu Tree like so:

MenuTree.proj (6.6 KB)
This project should allow you to see how it’s meant to be done. You’ll need to import this through your Gateway, then re-launch your Designer and select the “Replication” project. You can also navigate to the home page in a session via http://ip:port/data/perspective/client/Replication/

I hope this helps.


Your explanation was really great. Thank you so much.

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A post was split to a new topic: [Bug] PerspectiveComponents.css file missing for some components

I had a glance to the css in run time: it seems the menu has a strange behavior because the “PerspectiveComponents.css” file is not been loaded. Then, when a dropdown component is created the css file is present and the visualization of the menu became right.