[Question] Native Client Launchers, Win, Linux, OSX, ? iOS?

Also, for the native client launchers, I saw the window, linux, and mac OSX launchers, but not an iOS launcher. Since the mobile module is not in the module list anymore, what is the preferred method for launching a project on an iOS device?

The native client launchers are for Vision clients - which can only be launched on devices that support a full java runtime - eg, desktop OSes. ARM launchers are in progress.

For iOS, Perspective sessions can be created through the native app (accessible through the device’s app store) or directly through the device’s web browser.

The mobile module is not compatible with 8 due to the upgrade to Java 11, among other technical reasons.

gotcha, ok, the “landscape” is a little different, just trying to re-orient myself

Guessing there is also no “easy button” to convert a Vision project to a Perspective project… Just re-build, correct?

There is no way to convert from Vision to Perspective as the frameworks, languages, and underlying concepts are completely different.

@ PGriffith
Please allow me to rephrase my question: How do I connect my new app I am developing to an iOS device so I can work through the functionality I need?
I am only seeing the demo and the icc apps in the app store, and when I browse to the server through safari or google, I am not seeing how to launch the project…

Currently trying to get the perspective app that I looked at the demo through on my device, but in attempting to connect to my server through the same app on my phone it is telling me host invalid whether I use a host name or an IP… does it need to be fully qualified?

There is only one Ignition Perspective app. It comes pre-loaded with a link to our demo project, but you can remove that if you want, and you add your own projects.

First step in the app is to connect to a gateway. If it doesn’t auto detect it, the URL should be a web URL like:
this way the app knows whether to use SSL or not.

I was able to get it to talk to my phone, but I had to fully qualify the path… including company stuff to get it to connect. (Now I just need to get Central IT to push the Perspective App to my dev device…)