Question of [Ctrl] and [Alt] key for virtual keyboard in vision project


As we have to use the [Ctrl] or [Alt] key, but there is no such keys in the virtual keyboard of vision project as shown in below snapshot
So is it possible to add these two keys in the virtual keyboard?

If not possible, is there any workaround?

Thanks in advance.

What’s the use case? The touchscreen keyboard in Vision is not a true virtual keyboard - it only submits text back to whatever control was used to activate it, it does not have the ability to send arbitrary keystrokes. If you want a true virtual keyboard, I would suggest using the one built in to the OS.

For some operation in our program, it needs user to press alt or ctrl key when clicking some buttons to avoid misoperation.

so if we use windows built-in virtual keyboard, how could we invoke it from ignition?

Assuming you’re on Windows, system.util.execute(["osk"]) should work.

really appreciate your help, it shall works

It seems that the calling of system.util.execute(["osk"]) will not work.

It will have similar error as describe in

I tried to use command system.util.execute(["cmd /c C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe"]) but still failed.

Solved the Win10 built-in virtual keyboard by using import os os.popen("osk.exe") as shown in below thread.

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