Question of self-developed module doesn't have a trial license on Ignition Edge

I install a module of my own which works well in Ignition. While I wanna have a test on Ignition Edge for this module, the result is as follows:

Is it that there is a specific version of sdk for Ignition Edge or what. There should always be a trial license for module.
It is highly appreciated if any help can be provided!!

Edge does not allow 3rd-party modules. (Certain exceptions can be made, but they are logistically and financially impractical, IMNSHO.)

Phil is correct; you are not allowed to run your (or most anybody else’s) custom module on Edge. There is a strict whitelist of allowed modules.

Thank you Phil. So can Edge collect data itself and then send it to the central gateway or it just store data from the central gateway as a backup?

Not this at all.

Edge can collect tag history on its own for a couple weeks, but that collected data can be forwarded to a central gateway for normal long-term storage.

Yes that is exactly what confuses me. We used to use our own OPC module to collect data from the remote devices on normal Ignition and now that Edge is not allowed to installed any 3rd-party module then what is the special method for Edge to collect tag history on its own?
Looking forward to you reply :blush: :blush: :blush:

Looks like Edge may not be a good solution for your case. Consider using just the OPC server module and your custom module (note, this will become more expensive in May).

Thank you so much for youor detailed expliation, Phil.
Also, except OPC server module, how on earth does Edge colloect data on its own, which really bothers me considering Edge might help in our project later on.

I’m not sure I understand your question. Edge includes the Ignition OPC server and some drivers for popular products. Edge includes support for 2 weeks of private (internal) history storage using Ignition’s standard tag history system. That tag history can be forwarded to a central gateway for longer storage.

Edge will only be able to collect data from a supported device. If your device isn’t supported out of the box, Edge won’t work for you. Unless you have hundreds of potential installs, which might justify whitelisting your custom module for use with Edge. Your sales agent can talk about the options, for which I am not up to speed.

I don’t use or recommend Edge, myself, as I always install at least my Simulation Aids module in any projects I deploy.

So when Edge is used to collect data itself, the supported device connected to it actually does the work and there is no need for the installation of any module for the sake of data collection. Am I right about the understanding, Phil?
On the other hand, as you mentioned “which might justify whitelisting your custom module for use with Edge”, Kevin also has stressed that “There is a strict whitelist of allowed modules”. So is it feasible for people to justify there custom module into the whitelist or not?

I think the Tag Historian module technically enables the history storage, but it’s the OPC UA module + various driver modules that actually collect the data from devices. Or, alternatively, the data comes from an MQTT broker via the MQTT modules.

So the OPC UA module and the various driver modules you mentioned above are already provided by Edge and what we need to do is only to connect a supported device, am I right, Kevin?

Yes that’s right.

And if the data collection requires any other custom module besides OPC UA module, then Edge would not be a ideal solution for the project. Could I draw this conclusion?

Yep, that’s what we’ve been saying here :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Kevin, I can finally inform my boss of the conclusion.