Question on Binding and NULL

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I have a dataset bound to a table in my project. I am using pictures to show what it looks like. Everything works as designed. You can use the button "Add New SKU’ to update the db. You can select a row from the table and update any field in it.

My question, is there a way to make the gray box with all the “null” data just appear blank so that it does not show a red error? Once I select a table it is fine and pulls the bound information in.

All the null data text fields are bound to the columns in the table and until someone selects something they show “null”

I would recommend the coalesce keyword and use that in your expression binding.
You can feed it a list of values, and it looks for the first non-null value and returns that.

So you can do something like
coalesce({Root Container.MyDataSet}[0,"ColumnName"], 0) //Would return the value in the dataset if it isn't null, but 0 if it is null.

Additionally, COALESCE exists in most if not all database flavors and acts the same way, and you could probably use it in your named query if you’d rather it be in your datasource.

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