Question on frontend and group errors

Does the front end only show errors that occur while it is running, or does it load errors that occured before? The service status window shows that a few group errors have occured, but when I look at the groups in the front end they are all green.

If the front end only catches errors that occur while it is running, is there another way to view the error details? I see the FSQL logs in the windows event viewer, but the errors there don’t look like they have anything to do with the group errors.


I don’t know if individual groups only show errors that occur when the Frontend is open, but there is a log of all errors. In the Frontend, click on ‘Help’ then ‘Log Viewer’ to get a complete list of the errors.

The state of the groups (logging, errored) are maintained on the service, so when you open the frontend any groups that are currently in an error state (erroring out continuously) should be red.

The log mentioned by Robert is where you want to look. Even though you access it from the frontend, it includes all errors on the service. Chances are those few group errors occurred during startup. Therefore, you might need to change your date range and hit ‘refresh’ to see them.


Thanks for the help. I see now that the groups that had errors were later executing successfully, so that is why they were not red.