Question on Nightly Changelog Comment

I seen the following in the most recent nightly changelog:

6429: Moving a Tag with History causes duplicate sqlth_te records to get created
Fixed moving tags with history creating duplicate sqlth_te records.

Can someone explain what exactly the bug did and what this fixes?


The title is perhaps more exciting than the actual fix.
From my read of the bug, it's basically that if you had a tag rapidly storing history, then renamed it (from history's perspective, retiring the old and creating a single new tag) you would instead end up with multiple "new" entries in sqlth_te.

This does not do anything to make migrating history between tags easier, or automatically redirect old data, or anything like that. Just fixes an edge case.

Oh. I'm super disappointed now.

Thanks for the clarification

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Are there any plans to make moving tags and retaining history easier/automatic? On the surface it seems pretty straightforward - just updating the path in sqlth_te. Is the devil in the details though?

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Link to the Ideas post. Please upvote people!

I'm not deeply involved in the tag system. I know this is an area where they're aware of how painful it is for folks. I'm not sure what technical complications there might be.

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