Question on Time Expression

Good afternoon Team,

I have a table I am pulling a date from into a text field.

I have written expression that works for all data except a date. I get null due to my coalesce not being in a date format.

How would i fix this expression?


So you don’t get "None..." but the string “null”? Can you share how you are populating the data?

I am pulling from a table with the data circled below.

In addition, I have 2 tables that I would like the text field to pull from depending on which one I select.

Is that possible?

How do you determine which table you want to pull the time from? Is the idea that only one table can be selected at a time? How will you handle if a user selects a row in each table?

Good morning Amy,

Thank you for the help.

The determination is for the user to decided which table to select table they want to get more information from.

Yes the idea is that only one table can be viewed at a time. If a user selects from table 1 it will show that information, if they select table 2 it should show that information. If they do select table 1 and then table 2, i would like the selection from table 1 to be removed.

You could do this using message handlers.
Each table would have an onRowClick script action that sends a ‘message’ which includes the selected time field as a payload.

time =[0]['Time Added']
system.perspective.sendMessage('UpdateTime',payload = {'Time': time})

Then on your label component define a message handler as follows:

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Curious what the types your input fields are that are showing null? Are they one of the DateTime components? If so, they won’t be able to show text

They are date and time, i would be happy with nothing showing, just blank.

They are date and time, i would be happy with nothing showing, just blank.

I am so new to this, your fix was brilliant. How do you ever understand it all or figure it out lol

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