[Question] Perspective Momentary Button

Will Perspective feature a momentary button like Vision?

Yep - a momentary button is on the roadmap. Step 1 is in making sure we have the foundation needed to support our goals (aka - get 8.0.0 final released), but shortly following that we’ll take the feedback we’ve collected, identify/prioritize new components, and get to work on building out that palette some more.

So we can’t offer an ETA, but we definitely plan on a lot of component development for Perspective in the coming years and I’d guess that ‘simpler’ components like momentary button will be among the earliest additions.


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I have downloaded and installed v8.0.0 which just release a few days ago. I’m curious if there is a timeline for an update including the momentary button. I want to know if it’s worth coming up with a work around or simply waiting for momentary button to become available. Thank you.

what about the momentary button?

I don’t know how bad of an idea this is but I suspect this solution would be considered a bit of a kludge.

I achieved momentary button functionality in Perspective by doing an asynch write to a tag using a button in Perspective. Then I put a script on the tag that simply resets the tag.

I suspect this method of doing a momentary button may have some issues but so far it has held up. The button I did that on doesn’t get a lot of action.

So do we have Momentary Button on Perspective now?
I am using windows tablet with Vision and the Momentary button is not working properly on touch screen mode. It is so hard to use.