[Question] Perspective Momentary Button

Will Perspective feature a momentary button like Vision?

Yep - a momentary button is on the roadmap. Step 1 is in making sure we have the foundation needed to support our goals (aka - get 8.0.0 final released), but shortly following that we’ll take the feedback we’ve collected, identify/prioritize new components, and get to work on building out that palette some more.

So we can’t offer an ETA, but we definitely plan on a lot of component development for Perspective in the coming years and I’d guess that ‘simpler’ components like momentary button will be among the earliest additions.


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I have downloaded and installed v8.0.0 which just release a few days ago. I’m curious if there is a timeline for an update including the momentary button. I want to know if it’s worth coming up with a work around or simply waiting for momentary button to become available. Thank you.

what about the momentary button?

I don’t know how bad of an idea this is but I suspect this solution would be considered a bit of a kludge.

I achieved momentary button functionality in Perspective by doing an asynch write to a tag using a button in Perspective. Then I put a script on the tag that simply resets the tag.

I suspect this method of doing a momentary button may have some issues but so far it has held up. The button I did that on doesn’t get a lot of action.

So do we have Momentary Button on Perspective now?
I am using windows tablet with Vision and the Momentary button is not working properly on touch screen mode. It is so hard to use.

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but as of 8.1.5, there is still no momentary toggle in Perspective. As a ‘simpler’ component I was hoping it would be included by now.

Ah, but it isn’t actually simple, even on Vision. Put “momentary button” into this forum’s search bar…

Stop it Phil, there is nothing wrong with a momentary pushbutton. Been using them for years and as long as you project yourself no issues.

Sure, if you protect yourself. Newbies don’t know to do so, mainly because you don’t have to with real hardware. The issues are admittedly rare, but that makes them all the more dangerous.

So no, I’m not going to stop pointing this out.

And I’m not going to stop saying you are wrong. Like anything you can do in code you can screw yourself. This is just your pet peeve.

When I said simpler, I was just quoting PerryAJ :slightly_smiling_face:

I have looked at all the workarounds and none are ideal. The issue with scripting is that if you change a tag value directly from a script, the security levels of tags are followed, but unlike built-in components, if the user does not have sufficient rights, there is no feedback from the system to let them know the tag value wasn’t changed.

There is a workaround by creating a custom property for the button and link it to the tag value.

Why is this so difficult to implement? There are first person shooters that run in a browser. Wouldn’t each click of the mouse to fire a weapon be a momentary condition?