[Question] Perspective - Named query datatypes

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if there is a simple datatype casting I can do do address this, but I’m running a named query to return data for a table in perspective. Several of the columns are boolean values. In the SQL database they are bit datatype. The driver seems to be converting them to true/false, but the table component is viewing them as strings and not boolean so some logic that is determined based on the row selected isn’t functioning properly.

Any ideas?

Is your Table column renderMode set to auto for the column in question? What happens if you set it to boolean?

I didn’t have any of the column array elements filled in. I just did that, and when I do fill them in and change them from Auto to boolean, the data still displays as a string.

Yep, looks to be a bug. I’ve opened an internal ticket to track it.

When I set the field key on the column in question the cell becomes a checkbox.

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Ah, yes, I was missing a step - thanks @BumbleBeeTuna!
You need to set column.field to the column’s name - otherwise it doesn’t know which column the config is for. So set column.field to your column’s name, and set column.render to “boolean”.

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That seems to work. Just going to take a little bit for 34 Columns.