[Question] Perspective supported browsers

I was just checking out the Perspective demo site and man, is it slick. I’m just wondering if there is a list of officially supported browsers? It doesn’t seem to work in IE 11, which I suppose isn’t surprising, but is still what most of my users use.

We also use Blackberry Access on our phones as a secure browser and so we don’t have to mess with VPN setup. I’m unable to get the demo to load in that, but I can’t tell if it’s because of a browser incompatibility as with IE 11 or if an asset is being blocked at my corporate firewall.

Perspective requires a modern browser. The four we’re testing with are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

A feature we still need to add to Perspective is browser detection so that you get positive confirmation that your browser doesn’t cut it when you attempt to load a Perspective Session using an older browser.

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Hi Carl,

Does it support those browsers in iOS 10? I seem to have issues there. I know the app needs iOS11, but was hoping the browser would be ok in 10.