[Question] Program revision control?

I haven’t seen anything with program revision control yet (or if it has been posted it didn’t click). Can you please direct me to where that information is for 8.0 or comment on it?

The resource system rewrite hasn’t been merged in yet (because it’s not done). Once it is, there will definitely be an announcement here.

Awesome, thank you, I’ll keep an eye out.

Just to keep everyones expectations in line: what this means is we’ve moved the project resources from the internal DB to a data/projects folder, and all the data is stored in files and the folder hierarchy is represented on disk. Some resources are in a diff-able format, some aren’t.

As far as version control, what this means is you’re free to go into that projects folder and run git init. Voila, you have version control.

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@ Kevin,

Ah, ok. So really what I was asking was more of a “Version A-1 is out, Version A-2 has passed check out and is now ready for deploy, we need to change what the official version for production use is.” (Although what you said may work for that…)

I don’t see any announcement on the forum or in the nightly chagelog that this was completed, but I notice that my beta Ignition 8 server (b2019031902) does seem to have all the project files sitting in /var/lib/ignition/data/projects. Is this features “done” or at least safe enough to beta test? If we use an external tool to push new versions of files into those directories while Ignition is running, do we have to do anything special to tell it to check/reload them?

Oh, just found the announcement here: Nightly builds are back & project resource primer

You can go ahead and start using/testing it. Right now it’s very simple and just scans for changes every 10 or 15 seconds or something. There’s no trigger.