[Question]Project Browser Not Working

Updated to latest build today after waiting about a week and my project browser is not working. I cannot open up any of the folders to see the contents. I can open up views by way of the Recently Modified Views buttons on the bottom of the Perspective configuration screen. Tried installing it twice with the same results on a VM and then on host computer. Both are Windows 7 64 bit. Anything else I can try before reverting back to a previous install?

Can you send us a gateway backup before you revert?

Is there an email address or something I can send them to? I have one before I upgraded and after. Sorry I’m a little new to this.

I’ll PM you a dropbox link to upload to.

Thanks, I think I’m seeing the same issue with the “RewinderDemo2” project.

This isn’t related to your project specifically, it’s just something we broke in one of the recent builds. Should be fixed in tomorrow’s.

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