Question re Perspective Table

Is there any way to decorate string values in a Perspective table cell, without using a view rendering? By this I mean adding line breaks, bold/italic/underline type stuff. HTML does not seem to render, and neither does Markdown.

If using a view to render the cell is the only way (and assuming the view contains a markdown object to do the rendering of the decoration), is there a way to make that mini-view (and therefore the table row) auto-grow in height to match the content?


No, there is not a way to apply or insert html or markup into a table cell directly. Like you said, you will need to render the cell as a view that includes a markdown component or similar.

To answer your second question, we are aware and are actively working on this issue, along with a few others regarding the table component. There is a minRowHeight property that can be used to somewhat work around this issue, assuming that the size of your views are all the same. The fact that the rows don’t dynamically change their height is fallout from the virtualization of the table. The views have not completed their startup lifecycle and thus are empty when we pre-measure table cells, if that makes sense.


Yes it makes sense. Sounds like that will be quite a challenge.