Question regarding size of an application

Will it be possible to build a Perspective applications with more than 500 screens with a resolution of 1080 * 1920, and are there any limitations on the number of data points on a screen.

500 different clients doesnt seem a problem to me, just need to give enough resources to your gateway.

Its easy to make screens scale to any size (Though you might have to take another look at fontsizes as those dont usualy automatically scale on screen size, but its all possible)

Idk what datapoints is supposed to mean.
But you can open a perspective app in your (chrome) browser. So you can maybe test it there.


We have build our Scada application in Vision, and now we need to convert it to Perspective. We have some heavy screens whit a lot of information on, so my concern is that we will experience some unexpected things/limitations under the conversion.
Today we have more than 150 PLC's and plants in our Ignition application

If you already have a vision project, the only reason i see to convert to perspective is to beable to open it on any device on any resolution (even tables/phones).
If you expect a super busy screen designed for 1080 * 1920 desktop to upen smoothly on a small phone.
Then the phone might struggle, it will have less specs than your dedicated computerscreen (i assume). But that should not impact any other user on there big desktop or gateway.

Otherthan that i dont think there should be much difference if you use it on the same hardware.

@nader.chinichian has made some heavy duty perspective screens. maybe this gives you an idea of performance, but it will still depend on the device you run this on.