[Question] Removing a Transaction without using Designer

I made an issue with a script I made to generate transactions and it imported some transactions that are failing to run(There wasn’t a transaction type declared in the XML). In 7.9 I could find the transactions in the internal database and modify them, but the table seems to be empty in 8.

I’m unable to remove them in the designer since it locks up as soon as I try to view them. Is there another way to remove these transactions? Or is this project doomed?

You’re talking about transaction groups?

You should be able to find the project resource for the group on disk in the projects folder.

I just realized I could get the designer to function while doing an export, so I managed to get my project back working.

I did look though and see where you are talking about for the project resource though and that would have worked as well.

Thanks! Now to add more error proofing to my transaction generation macro