[Question - Resolved] [Perspective] Is there a way to use Python to add a view into a Carousel?

I wish to populate a Carousel with DataSet data. My thinking is that this would be similar to populating a FlexRepeater.

-Is there a Python command to create a new View under view.Carousel.props.views?
-Is there a Python command to create a new Value under view.Carousel.props.views[#].viewParams?

The idea is to have a Carousel of variable length.

You’d want to build a dataset where each item in the dataset is a an object which has a viewPath key and an internal list named viewParams where each entry is a tuple of viewParam key:value pairs.


view_list = []
# for each entry in your list
for i in range(len(view_dataset)):
    # make a new viewPath key:value entry
    view_list[i]['viewPath'] = view_dataset[i]['view_path']
    # if we also have viewParams for the entry
    if view_dataset[i]['view_params'] is not None:
        # make a new dictionary with a key of 'viewParams' to hold the keys and values
        view_list[i]['viewParams'] = ()  # dictionary, not list
        # for every param we specify
        for j in range(len(view_dataset[i]['view_params'])):
            # set our viewParam dictionary to have a key which is our first value in the tuple, and a value which is our second tuple value
            view_list[i]['viewParams'][view_dataset[i]['view_params'][j][0]] = view_dataset[i]['view_params'][j][1]
# set our props.views value to be our new list
self.props.views = view_list

There’s got to be a less-verbose-but-more-visually-complicated way to manage that, but there you go.
hard-coding a dataset worked for me:

    first_view_dict = dict()
    first_view_dict['viewPath'] = 'Templates/PopupViews/Displays/Icon/ComponentSettings'
    second_view_dict = dict()
    second_view_dict['viewPath'] = 'Experimentation/ReplThree'
    second_view_dict['viewParams'] = dict()
    second_view_dict['viewParams']['End Time'] = 'Supplied'
    third_view_dict = dict()
    third_view_dict['viewPath'] = 'Templates/PopupViews/Inputs/Dropdown/ComponentSettings'
    view_dataset = dict()
    view_dataset['views'] = []
    self.getSibling('Carousel').props.views = view_dataset['views']
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Thank You!! :clap:

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