[Question] Standard Component Props - Can delete base properties

I’ve literally just installed ignition 8 and just had a quick look at the Perspective module.

I’ve dragged on a Thermometer component into Perspective and noticed that I can delete any of the base Props properties. I deleted the ‘value’ property which broke the component. Should this be possible?

Yes, this is intentional.

We did this because the property configuration shapes of components often include many optional properties. For example, think about a style object - there are dozens of possible properties that are supported in a style object, but it would be messy to have them all present all the time. The philosophy of the perspective module is to allow the designer to manipulate the properties any which way they so chose, even deleting properties that the component might need or adding properties that the component might recognize. Doing so should never cause worse behavior than making that component behave poorly.

You can always add the properties back, of course. We plan on having the editor suggest property names that it knows are supported but are currently missing to aid in adding properties.


Thanks for the information Carl, sounds good! Sounds very customisable and I look forward to having the property browser / suggestions :slight_smile: